REPZIP - Digital Identity and Credentials

Crafted to W3C standards the Repzip suite of Apps and Services are designed to help the People, their Governments and Businesses transition into the Digital age. Secure Digital Identities empower people to do more.


Digital Identities

Learn More about our W3C compliant Identity system that runs on the most powerful blockchain in existence.


Verifiable Credentials

Our Verifiable Credentials provide our users with secure, portable, private and cross compatible documents.


On-Chain Contracts

Improved efficiencies, human to human contracts, secured and fraud resistant contracts only possible with strong ID.

Digital Identity is just the Begining

While Digital Identity and Verifiable Credentials are a core component towards developing a functioning Digital Society, they mark the first steps for the Repzip suite of tools and services that will help Individuals, Governments and Businesses do more with less.

Who is William Devine

William recorded his first program at the age of 6 in 1984 onto a cassette. He has been screaming at computers ever since. He is a former Lecturer in Dublin City University. William holds a B.Sc in Multimedia, a City and Guilds in Computer Programming, is a Microsoft Certified Professional in Windows 95, NT4 and Networking Essentials. In 2006 William was the Irish Student Photographer of the Year, Website Designer of the Year and Video Production of the Year. William has focused his time learning about BitCoin now for the past two years.

William is one of the most creative and brilliant people that I have ever met. He is a born leader with great communication skills. He is also my friend.

- Dr. Edward de Bono
Author of Lateral Thinking

Will reached out to me about some potential privacy and security issues with Baemail's Beta version. His insights proved to me that he has a great understanding of BitCoin.

- Deggen
CEO - Baemail

It was great to meet Will at the CambrianSV event in Lisbon. He helped us at RelayX with our Paymail setup. I'm looking forward to seeing what he is building.

- Jack Lui