Digital Identity

The did:bsv Method

I am proposing a DID Method for the Bitcoin SV network that is W3C compliant, did:bsv:.  At its core it is an SPV enabled portable DID method (superior to other methods) that utilizes the capabilities of the metanet for its CRUD & search capabilities. This DID Method will be an open standard for any organisation or Developer to use within the BitCoin ecosystem.

A BSV DID is structured as followed:


The string represents the public key of the user and is unique to that Identity. It is a compressed pubkey in Base58 encoding. 

I chose a raw compressed Public Key in Base58 encoding to be the did:bsv identifier because it is unique, short and is immediately useful information. Users can encrypt data to that pub key and verify signed information from that DID easily. So it brings with it a natural efficiency which will be the hallmark of the Repzip methodology going forward.   

While most DID methods on other blockchain utilize QR codes for certain operations (Which we can use too) I have focused on integrating the DID system with the Paymail protocol. 


The Draft did:bsv: Specification is a part of this hackathon entry and can be viewed here: 


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